2015 Avian Flu Outbreak, Iowa

Two key elements provided by KDF Enterprises, LLC were the preparation and disinfecting of HPAI contaminated facilities. Although activated over the July 4th holidays. KDF Enterprises LLC was able to mobilize over 200 staff members and all necessary equipment to Iowa with 24-48 hrs to start this project. In all 800 hazmat qualified staff were provided within 1 week. After seeing our commitment to completing the projects awarded to us, the USDA continued to amend our scope. KDF completed over $50,000,000 of work within 3 months. Our goal was to have farmers back in their farms and back to normal as soon as possible. Our work was not only well received by the USDA but the farmers themselves, recommending us highly to other farmers in the area and the USDA. While this project was very demanding, KDF’s team still met all expectations for work it was carrying out for TXDOT. Cleaning up ROW and Hazardous trees that posed a danger to the public at large.