Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

Hurricane Gustav was the second most destructive hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Damage in the U.S. totaled to $4.3 billion (2008 USD)

Hurricane Ike was a powerful tropical cyclone that swept through portions of the Greater Antilles and Northern America in September 2008, wreaking havoc on infrastructure and agriculture, particularly in Cuba and Texas.

In the 2008 Hurricane season, KDF’s Management team worked on multiple projects including The City of Galveston, Galveston County which included the devastated area of Bolivar Peninsula. With such a large devastated area, resources were pulled from all over the country to assist in the cleanup efforts. KDF’s team at the time got to assist several communities with contract management and ensuring all debris was collected from their jurisdiction and help their community recover from devastation. Bolivar not only lost homes to hurricane Ike, but due to erosion, both roads and land were lost.